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The Truth About Danny Tibbitts

DannyDanny Tibbitts began playing pool at the Warren Memorial Boy's Club in Atlanta, Georgia. As a young man, Danny always took an interest in woodworking. By the age of 14 he was hand carving small sculptures. Danny took a job, at 17 years old, making custom cabinets. As time went on his skills as a woodworker became more defined. He soon realized that he would do this for a living, so he dedicated his life to become the best in his industry. Danny kept shooting pool and realized that the cue that you play with makes all the difference.

In 1985 he decided to make his first pool cue. The quality and craftsmanship of the cue would turn the head of any cue collector. Danny puts his heart into every cue he builds. He is also known for his trademarks that are put in the cues, such as extra long points and a variety of inlays. Early cues have the initials " D.T." engraved  in block lettering. A stylized "DT " engraved in italic lettering was used later. Currently, the full italic name "Danny Tibbitts" is designated sometimes including the month and year of make. Danny works out of his 800 square foot shop located in the backyard of his residence. In every custom cue that Danny makes he adds a personal touch and would never make a cue that he would not use himself. A little piece of Danny goes into every cue he creates. Danny's work has earned him an entry in the "Billiard Encyclopedia."

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